Structural Retrofitting

Poor structural integrity and insufficient fire safety measures can have disastrous consequences. Asia Inspection offers structural audits to ensure that your suppliers’ industrial and commercial premises are safe, up to relevant codes, and present no danger to employee life and health.

The findings of all structural audits are presented in a detailed report that includes an assessment of the current condition and suggestions for appropriate repairs and retrofitting measures.

After tremendous disaster of Rana Plaza at Savar, Bangladesh on April 24, 2013, now a days renowned foreign buyers are very much concern about the safety and factory building stability of the working place in Bangladesh.

D8CL’s Structural audits include a comprehensive check of buildings and premises, including:

  • Verification of Load Conditions
  • Evaluation of the Structural System of the Building
  • Detection of Structural Defects, Damages, Distress, Deformation or Deterioration
  • Plan and Alignment Check
  • Assessing Maintenance and Exposure to Aggressive Environment
  • Other Structural Surveys and Checks
  • Fire Safety Check (optional)
  • Electrical Safety Check (optional)